Monday, 7 September 2015

10 Tips On How To Keep Your Children Away From Television

My mom used to have a tough time when I was a kid. I always ran out to play once I reach home without bothering about the pending homework, if there were any guests at home waiting to see me and was not even bothered to have anything to fill my tummy. Those were the days when playing with your friends were the happiest moment. Today, things are very different. Kids are more inclined to watching television, especially the numerous cartoons including Chhota Bheem and Doraemon, soaps and lots more. Truly speaking, most of the kids at present are not friendly with the nature but with their television and tabs.

Parents (not all) used to provide tabs and switch on television to keep their kids from doing any naughtiness or from running hither and thither. Rather I would say television has become a babysitter! Parents make their kids sit in front of television for hours all the while having food, if mommy was busy in the kitchen etc. So, eventually watching television the whole day rather turned to be a routine or a habit for the kids and as they grew up, they began to look for more activities related to television which interests them. Have a look at 10 tips on how to keep your kids away from television…

Educational Tools

Only 50% of the parents are aware of educational play tools. They are very helpful for kids, to keep them engaged purposefully. Apart from educational magazines and apps, these are educational tools which you can buy online to help your kids to develop mentally as well with a little effort.

You can buy educational tools online. Check out FlintoBox , an online store that provides exciting and interesting educational tool every month which is based on a particular theme. Now if you check their online site, you can see that each month comes with a special theme that interests you child, which help them in playing as well as in earning more knowledge. They develop the power of thinking, their creative ability, patience, develop their imagination, develop their reasoning ability and will improve their skills.

Create An Activity Room

The very word ‘activity’ will create a curiosity in the minds of the kids and they will be eager to know what the room has in store for them. Arrange the room in such a way that it keeps your kids engaged all the time. Fill the room with music, toys, learning tools, coloring books, and all those things that can interest your child and help him/her to have some quality time.

It is good if the parents join them in these activities. They would love the company of their parents. Clay modelling, drawing activities, playing with numbers and alphabets etc are recommended. Fill their room with creative articles. You can buy them online at cheaper rates.

Make Them Enjoy The Nature

Today’s kids are deprived of so many good things that we used to enjoy in our childhood days. They are shut inside the four walls of the house. Parks are their sole medium to know the nature. Everything around them is concrete. Give them time and space to enjoy the nature. Leave them to run around and feel the beauty of nature. They would forget TV once they start enjoying what nature has to give them. Chirping of the birds, cool breeze, butterflies, and kites - all these can be their interest.

Stories, Crafts And Fun Activities

Tell them stories. You can even try creating an own one. Make them imagine it and you can even ask them to recollect the story you had told them earlier. This will improve their memory, creativity and even their imagination.

Help them with ideas in making crafts. There are a lot of magazines that can help you out with ideas for crafts. You can even depend on Google Guru! Encourage them with whatever they do and this will increase their interest as well.

Cooking Is Helpful

Even kids can cook! There are a lot of moms who make their kids accompany them in the kitchen, to help them out. In fact, this is a very good activity. Kids will learn the names and recognizes various veggies, fruits, utensils, learn recipes, how to cut vegetables and even cooking!

A lot of recipes are there which can be easily done by a kid without the help from anyone. Encourage them in using your kitchen once in a while. Forget the mess they create in your kitchen. Let them play with the masalas as well!

Develop A Hobby

Hobbies can be a great activity that can be developed so that your kid will have something to relax on whenever needed. It can be anything but make sure that your kid has an interest in it. Try developing it gradually till your kid needs no guidance or help.

Make Them Learn Something New

Make them learn something new. If they have a passion for music, let them learn singing or let them learn to play any musical instruments of their choice. Swimming, Badminton, Archery all can be considered.

Family Outing

It is good if parents take up the initiative of spending some quality time with the whole family. Plan family outings once in awhile which will build the relationships and makes the bonding stronger. Give your kids the space to talk with you openly.

Outdoor Activity

Make them play with the nature. Let them run around, play with the mud, get wet in the rain and also get tanned in the sun. It will give them more stamina and resistivity.

Set An Example Yourself

Last but not the least; parents should also make sure that they do not urge the kids to watch TV. Switch off the TV while kids are studying. Keep TV away from bedrooms. Fix a time for watching TV and make sure that the whole family watches it together. It gives enjoyment as well as it can restrict your kids mind from getting inclined to watching more of it.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How A Mother Needs To Choose A Breast Pump

A breast milk pump can be a safe option for working mums who may not be around to feed their baby on a regular basis during the day. Feeding your baby with formula can lead to obesity which may not be very healthy for your baby. Breast milk pumps can also help you store an emergency supply of milk at times when you are on a medication and are unable to feed your baby. However, you need to choose them with care. The following are some of the things you need to consider when you buy breast pumps for your baby.

Pump Cycles
Pumps with high cycling rates are more effective than those with lower cycling rates. Cycling rates refer to how many times your pump sucks in a minute. The average number of pump cycles needs to be over 45 to 55. Pumps with cycling rates that go below 30 can not only slow down your process and delay you, but can also be very painful as they take a long time to suck.

The kind of pump that you need to use depends on how often you use a pump. If emergency situations where you cannot nurse your baby is the only reason for which you need a pump then you can use a pump with a smaller motor. However, using a pump with a small motor on a regular basis can make it less effective. If nursing your baby a number of times during the day tends to leave you exhausted and you intend to use your pump often, then it is advisable that you go for durable pumps as they are meant to last even after being used a number of times.

Single, Double Alternating Or Double Simultaneous
If you intend to use your pump only occasionally, then you can go for single pumps which require you to pump one breast at a time. However, if you are a working mum and need to get things done with speed, you can go for double alternating pumps. You can even go for double simultaneous pumps. These pumps are found to be more effective than double alternating pumps as they pump with much more speed and get your work in half the time required with a double alternating pump.

Noise, especially when it is loud and recurrent can be annoying to a new mother, who is more comfortable with a peaceful environment. A noisy breast pump may also require you to pump in a room away from your baby so that he does not wake up. This may be inconvenient at times when you do need to keep any eye on your baby. Pumping with a loud noise can also be very embarrassing to a new mother. These are the reasons why noise is one of the many factors that you need to consider when you choose a pump for your baby.

Buy Breast Pumps Online
Medela, Farlin, Meemee and Chicco have a range of breast pumps online. You can have a look at the different features and buy a breast pumps online that is convenient and comfortable for you to use.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

My Dolls and I: A Tryst Down the Memory Lane

I still remember that day vividly. It’s as if the sands of time haven’t erased it from my memory. It was my 7th birthday. I was so happy. That morning, Mom woke me up with the birthday song. I woke up with a start and hugged her tightly. That day, she didn't have to force me out of bed. She didn’t have to nag me so I go for a bath and get ready on time. I did everything on my own. I took no time getting ready. I put on my birthday dress and came out to show Mom how pretty it looked on me. The moment Mom looked at me, she said, “Oh! My daughter looks so beautiful, just like a dolls . This beautiful birthday girl should get a gift that is as beautiful as her.” As she said this, she took a huge package out of the cupboard. My 7-year old brain went into overdrive. I felt the gift through the wrapper and found out that it was a doll.

I was ecstatic. I didn’t bother to open the gift wrapper neatly. I just tore it open. Inside, there was a stuffed doll that was at least half my height. I was overwhelmed by the mere size of it. It was so soft; I wanted to hug it all day long. I named it Lovely. Lovely was tall, fair, had brown hair and wore a pretty blue dress which had bright pink flowers on it. Her hair was tied in a ponytail with a pink ribbon. I fell in love with her in no time.

That day, I told all my friends about Lovely. All of them wanted to meet her. I told them that they could meet her at my birthday party. The same evening, all my friends had come home. They had got me several gifts. I couldn’t contain my excitement so I opened the gifts then and there. I was surprised to see that I had got two more dolls, both were Barbies. One other friend had given me Barbie dolls toy sets. There were doll toys like kitchen sets, dressing rooms, bathroom - all meant for my Barbie dolls.

That was my best birthday ever. I wish I could spin the wheel of time backwards and go back to that day. Well, that’s not possible. But what’s possible is I can find joy in buying dolls and doll toys for my daughter. Watching her play with those dolls will help me relive my childhood days.

And now that online stores have so many different brands of dolls toys , I can shop right from the comfort of my house. I don’t have to spend my weekend at those crowded malls. Online shopping will save my time and effort.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Look Through Baby Bassinet Guide Before You Buy

Having a newborn to take care of is certainly not a piece of cake, be it for first-time parents or for veterans. The good part is that young babies spend a good portion of the day sleeping. However, it is not recommended that you let your baby sleep in the same bed as yours, and cover him with your everyday blankets and quilts as it may increase the chances of SIDS. Ensure that your little one gets a cozy and comfortable sleep by investing in a baby bassinet . Not only will he feel cozy and comfortable in this tiny little bed, but also sleep well as a cozy environment simulates a mother’s womb and helps a baby sleep better, which, in turn fosters his growth and development.

To clear the confusion about considering a crib over a bassinet, it is imperative to highlight the fact that despite full-size cribs being long-lasting, they are good for the baby’s nursery. During the initial days, you might want to room-in your baby and co-sleep with him to have a closer relationship. The smaller size of the bassinets meet this requirement. Besides, they are lightweight and portable so your baby can take his naps in one room and sleep in another room at night without compromising on the comfort of his personal bed.

baby bassinet

With so many variants available in the market with adorable designs, colors and accessories, it becomes difficult to pick the one that will be the best for your baby. However, the first thing that you need to consider while buying any baby gear is safety. Buy a bassinet with a solid construction and a wide base so that it can hold your baby’s weight without toppling him over. Ensure that it has a good-quality, firm mattress and preferably a mosquito net because you don’t want your little one to feel uncomfortable in his back or to fall sick with mosquito bites. If you like a bassinet with folding legs, ensure that there are sturdy locks that can hold the legs in place to prevent any accidents. Same applies to the ones with wheels. If the bassinet has slats, ensure that they aren’t widely spaced to prevent your baby’s limbs and head from getting stuck.

Many bassinets also come with a rocking feature, should you need to rock your baby to sleep. A bassinet with a foldable hood is also a good choice as you can pull it out to prevent light from falling on your baby’s face so he can enjoy his naps to the fullest, and wake up fresh and active. So go ahead, and buy a baby bassinets online to save yourself from the tiring visits to the malls and maternity stores, and also from the boring billing queues. Shopping online is easy, fun, and hassle-free. Besides, it provides you with a multitude of brands and variants on one page. shortlist what you like and complete the transaction by selecting any one of the payment options offered by the e-tailers. Buy a baby bassinet online from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Reasons For Using Baby Cots By All New Mothers

There are a few hours of total calm that every parent (especially nursing mothers) enjoy. These are the few hours when they can sit back and relax, knowing that their baby has drifted off to a dreamland of her own. Getting one’s child to sleep is always challenging. With every lullaby you sing to your baby, with every drowsy look she gives you, and with every breath getting deeper and deeper, a sense of relief and calm washes over you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just freeze time and maintain this peacefulness? Sometimes, the answer to this fantasy of yours lie in good ol’ baby products like baby cot .

Read on to know benefits, features & types of baby cots for your baby’s best sleep.

When your baby has a comfortable little baby cot to sleep in, you can be sure about her being a lot more excited about nap time and a lot less cranky. Think about it, even as adults, the quality of our sleep is greatly affected by the state of our beds. There are umpteen studies about how choosing the mattresses of the right thickness, the right-sized pillows, and the right covers can affect our overall sleep quality. Babies are no different. Give them baby cots that are comfortable and accessorise them with baby mattresses, blankets, and pillows that are nothing short of plush, and you can be sure about not having to check on your sleeping baby every few hours.
baby cot

Benefits of baby cots

If your baby has a hard time falling asleep on a regular cot and finds comfort in the rocking movement as you swing him to and fro, baby cots that double as baby cradles might help him drift off to sleep faster. Tuck your baby into these cots and gently rock her to and fro, like you would a swing. The constant movement of the cradle and the sound of your comforting voice will have her slowly surrendering to a sweet slumber. These cots are also the perfect excuse for you to give your arms a little rest. One major attraction about crable cum baby cots is also that most of them come with a protective covering around them. This way, flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects will have no access to your baby.

For those of you looking to keep things classic, you can opt for traditional baby cot . These sleeping cots usually have a semi-hard surface and come with side-railings so your baby does not accidentally roll-off her cot. To make things more convenient, many baby cots these days are designed to be collapsible so you can easily break them down, fold them, and move them from one place to another.
Raising one child is tough on its own, so we can only imagine how challenging raising twins is. Much to the relief of all parents who nurture twins, you can now avail twin baby cot or cradles. These cots are stacked one on top of the other so you can monitor both your babies at one go.

To procure the latest baby cots and bassinets from brands like Sunbaby, MeeMee, and Fisher-Price, buy baby cot online .

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Is Baby Rocker Necessary For Your Little One?

Although they seem utterly oblivious to everything around them, babies are constantly undergoing physical changes and are continuously learning to acclimatize with their surroundings, just like any adult would do. In this context, your baby is no different than the rest. Considering the fact that you are relentlessly looking to accommodate your ever-changing necessities, it is crucial to do the same for your little bundle of joy. As your baby begins to be curious about the world around him and gets acquainted with the acts of sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running and playing, as a parent, you will need to take some important measures to make sure that your baby develops these abilities in a safe and enjoyable way. Now you need not worry anymore as the baby care products are easy and smart solutions to all your baby’s requirements. Buy baby rockers online, along with some baby bouncers and swings and gift your little one a carefree and enjoyable childhood.

baby rocker

Baby rockers are absolutely safe and easy to use as long as you check thoroughly for specific details such as durability, sturdiness, comfort, speed, and motion, and other such safety features. It is also important to know if they are electric or non-electric.

Types & Benefits of Baby Rockers

Many baby rockers these days feature extra padded seat and armrests. They will give your baby the much-needed break as these rockers put your baby to sleep gently, by comforting and rocking him with a steady vibrating motion. Baby rockers are easy to use and they even have the controls to move in any desired direction.

Some baby rocker  come with elastic straps and can be in the form of semi-reclining chairs that have springs. The key function of these baby products is to allow your child exercise his or her legs, while being held safely by the harnesses and straps. Traditional style rockers are designed to move when your baby does, but battery-operated baby rockers can be put on vibration mode.
Baby rockers are fun and can be the perfect way for your child to experience comfort. They are also portable and can be folded, which ensures easy storage. Many of them come with a safety belt so that your baby stays safe through all the fun. They also feature different types of resting positions and are compact enough to be used indoors.

Buy baby rocker online , which feature a lot of interesting features such as removable and modifiable toy bars, canopy, foldable and adjustable seats, light displays, premium fabric materials, safety belts, trays, music players, and mobiles. These features keep your child intrigued and entertained. They will also help the little ones develop their motor and sensory skills. If you wish to buy all these in a convenient, secure and easy manner, simply browse through, compare, and buy baby rockers from different online shopping websites. You can sit in the comfort of your home and choose the baby rocker that you think best suits your baby.

Friday, 5 June 2015

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cloth Diapers

There’s nothing that parents love more than seeing their child developing quite an appetite and being a non-fussy eater. This because at the end of the day, a healthy baby is so much more interactive and happier than another who has trouble eating or drinking. You know what else indicates that you have a healthy baby? Given the amount of breast milk or formulas that your baby is fed with at regular intervals of time, it is only natural for him to discharge that much more waste.

A baby soiling the bed and staining his clothes with bodily discharges are not new concepts for parents. What has changed over the years is the way we take care of the mess created by our baby’s discharges. There are all sorts of diapers designed to make this process comfortable for the baby and easy-to-clean for the parents. Use-and-throw diapers are what they are – God-sent gift to all parents. But these diapers are often infused with tons of chemicals that have been added to make it as leak-proof and odour-free as possible. When you put these diapers on your child, what you are also doing is exposing him to all these chemicals and perfumes which are a little too strong for him to handle. If you notice your child showing signs of irritation and see rashes on his bottom, you might want to steer clear of disposable diapers (for some time at least) and opt for cloth diapers instead.

cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are certainly not a new thing for most of us. Our mothers used it on us, who in turn learnt the usefulness of cloth diapers from their mothers. While the concept of these diapers is more or less the same, what has changed is the shape, design, and pretty much almost everything else. For instance, modern day baby cloth diapers have multiple layers and are designed to resemble pants so our baby can move around freely and still not soil himself.

Cloth Diapers Benefits

A few other reasons as to why you should consider giving cloth diapers a chance include:

Breathability – Unlike disposable baby diapers that come packed with plastic and other non-degradable materials, cloth diapers are made of cotton and other such fabrics so your baby’s hygiene needs are taken care of in the gentlest way. With no harsh chemicals and scents coming in close contact with your baby’s skin, you can sleep in peace knowing that you’re taking care of your baby the right way.

Earlier potty-training – Cloth diapers are leak-proof but they allow your baby to feel the wet sensation against his skin when he soils himself. This irritation is most likely to trigger an alarm in your child so as time passes, he knows better than to soil himself.

Cost-efficient – You will need to spend money on umpteen formulas and baby products. You could save some cash with cloth diapers as these can be washed and reused over and over again.

Less waste – Because you don’t have to dispose cloth diapers, your dustbin will not be cluttered with thick, stained diapers.

From Bumberry and Bio Kids to Baby Needs and First Smiles, take the smart way out and buy cloth diapers online